About the Artist

17 Years of Experience

  I am an artist from Thailand who specializes in Japanese clay sculptures, specifically beautifully crafted flower arrangements and jewelry. The flowers are elegant and resemble an authentic, living flower with none of the up keep of living flowers. I first was interested in clay art when I saw how intricate the process of rolling the clay was on television. I decided I wanted to learn the skill of rolling clay into beautiful flowers. One day in the fall of 2000 I took a class at Malaiclay, a clay-art school in Bangkok, Thailand. I took many more classes I wanted to master clay art. Eventually three months later I began instructing others in the art. I have instructed over 20 classes and have 17+ years’ experience in creating one of a kind clay art. In addition to the products in my shop I can make custom orders, simply complete the form on my website.  

Certified Products

  My products also have been certified in Thailand by the government. The document on the left is a received a 5/5 star from One Tambon One Product (OTOP), a government agency that ensures the quality of certain hand made good in Thailand. The document on the right is a certificate from the Thai Standards Institute that ensures the materials used to construct the clay art sculptures are hypoallergenic and safe.