Clay Art History & Process

Asian Clay Art History

Pundhariga's Process

                      The arrangements consist entirely of air-dry clay with the exception of adhesive, paint, and thin wires that support the larger pieces. The clay used is a mixture of special Japanese and Thai air-dry clay. This clay is not fired; the arrangements are air dried and the final product is slightly pliable. The final product is truly a masterpiece sculpture created only by a few of the true artist using this media. Constructing the flowers and arrangements to the life like meticulously detail is time consuming and involves many steps; from flattening the clay and then individually curving and shaping the petal and leaf pieces using special tools. All stems are made of clay supported by clay wrapped wire. After the pieces air-dry for about 24 hours, the pieces are hand-painted to match the fine detail and subtle shading of the actual flowers. The various pieces are then assembled into the whole sculptured arrangement. To finalize my sculptures I place them into a pre-selected pot, driftwood of another medium of choice.